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October 30 2012


October 16 2012

Proper Transportation for people working at Google/African Media Initiative, Knight Foundation fellows, the Worldbank and me (I'm sorta not out of place in the back of a motor rikshaw - check the center guys glasses for a glimpse of the front part)

October 12 2012

Visualizing Scientific Promiscuity

Scientific papers are rarely written by a single person. Usually many authors come together to work on a specific issue. This visualization uses data obtained from Pubmed to show collaboration between authors.

October 10 2012

The heart from "Kaishi Hen" an 18th century japanese anatomical atlas.
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October 05 2012

Sometimes work takes you places you wouldn't believe...

This time: Zanzibar.

October 01 2012

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September 29 2012

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Actual photography of the printed article in the British Journal of Addiction 1956
During withdrawal the addict is acutely aware of his surroundings. Sense impressions are sharpened to the point of hallucination. Familiar objects seem to stir with a writhing furtive life. The addict is subject to a barrage of sensations external and visceral. He may experience flashes of beauty and nostalgia, but the overall impression is extremely painful
— William S. Burroughs in Letter From A Master Addict To Dangerous Drugs http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/ehn/Web/release/BurroughsLetter.html
A piece of interactive poetry at the William S. Burroughs exhibition in Vienna.

Follow the Source link for more impressions.
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A visualization of transcription changes in a subset of genes related to cell cycle regulation.

It displays the effect of WNT signaling on cell cycle regulation in cardiac progenitor cells. On the left cells with scramble-short hairpin (sh)RNA on the right with shRNA targeting IGFBP3.

The visualization  shows the clear dependency of the cell cycle response on IGFBP3 - if it is missing (right) the response is abolished.

Although I find the visualization quite clear cut it didn't make it into the final paper. Rather two graphs were used that in comparison tell the same story (Figure 3 F and G).
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September 28 2012

From Klimek et al. Statistical Detection of systematic election irregularities

Full article. A simple but elegant method to detect election fraud and irregularities.
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Kerucs On the Road as a beautiful piece of art by Stefanie Prosavec. Also available as a poster.

September 27 2012


September 26 2012

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Stanford Design Thinking Virtual Crash Course - YouTube

Interesting take on which trails of thought to follow when designing things for your users.
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September 25 2012

"This text for a 1964 ad in the Detroit Art Directors Annual became our mantra. This, by the way, is a type proof, something you don’t see anymore. Needless to say the word 'hack' caused quite a bit of consternation at the time."

Terms of Service - Didn't Read

Terms of Service - Didn't read is a great project for all those who want to use web services but do not care about legalese in terms of services. It rates ToS on a simple scale and helps you see how much websites care about your rights. (Browser plugins available)
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September 20 2012

Hans Rosling preparing for the keynote at #OKFest
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